Dr. Karim Benítez-Marchand
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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State of the Art Plastic Surgery center provides post-operatory massages that directly stimulate the lymphatic system. This rhythmical circular massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate bacteria, excess fluids and metabolic waste.

Other benefits of stimulating the lymphatics include:

  • Increases the body's "coping mechanisms" in dealing with stress, depression and sleeping disorders.
  • Reduces chronic pain.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Reduces fluid retention brought on by menstruation or pregnancy.
  • Helps facilitate healing.
  • Builds your body's immune system and increases the production of antibodies.
  • It can also reduce inflammation in the body that causes arthritis.

Lymphatic drainage massage goes deeper than Swedish and traditional Deep Tissue methods of message.

In regards to after surgery recovery and the use of Lymphatic drainage massages, in general it is best to wait an average of 4 weeks or until Dr. Karim Benítez-Marchand recommends a Lymph drainage massage. Having your lymph drainage massage, will aid in the regeneration of your tissues and it will reduce scarring and any other surgery related bruising or swelling. Clearing the blockages in your lymph system, will firm and tone your skin and add to the improvement of your health.

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