Dr. Karim Benítez-Marchand
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Zulma GuzmaZulma Guzman

Zulma Guzman / Surgical Technician

Zulma has over 16 years as surgical technician and has been working with Dr. Karim Benítez-Marchand, MD in the State of the Art Plastic Surgery center since 2007. She has a great knowledge of general musculoskeletal anatomy and surgical procedures. She is also "the right hand" of Dr. Karim Benítez-Marchand, MD and is available to assist him in all his operations. Zulma has received her Surgical Technician degree from the Antilles School of Technical Careers in 1998. In addition she earned her Bachelor of Education degree at Universidad del Este in 2012. Her passion for the surgical field, her continuous contact with patients and her experience gained during all these years, lead not only to her growth as a medical professional, but also as a person.

Dr. Karim Benítez-Marchand, MD refers to her as his "surgeon emeritus", because of her contributions as a team member and her excellence in all other areas in the State of the Art Plastic Surgery center.

Yacmet Colón Yacmet Colón

Yacmet Colón / Perioperative Nurse

Yacmet Colón graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus in 2011, earning her bachelor's degree in nursing and later she worked in perioperative nursing at the Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital. In 2013 she joined the group of medical professionals at the center of plastic surgery State of The Art Plastic Surgery, the office of Dr. Karim Benitez Marchand, MD. Here we offer the most comprehensive solutions available to meet your aesthetic needs from facial fillers (non-surgical) to complete surgical reconstructions. I understand that nursing is the profession of the direct patient care and I have learned to value this profession beyond the question of compassion or the ability to complete routine procedures.

Initially my motivation spawned from my love of God and my desire to be a part of something much bigger than myself. In patient care I offer all that I can give. And together with the team of professionals at State of The Art Plastic Surgery we bring excellent care with love.

Evelyn MunizEvelyn Muñiz

Evelyn Muñiz / Receptionist

Evelyn Muniz has been working at the State of the Art Plastic Surgery since 2006 as the customer service representative for our Office. Whenever you call us or visit our office in San Patricio, Puerto Rico, you will be welcomed by Evelyn, with her ability to offer extraordinary quality of service to all our patients.

Evelyn earned the associate degree as a dental assistant in 1987 from Ramirez College. She worked as a dental assistant from 1987 to 2002. Evelyn has been part of the health industry for many years. These years of Evelyn's experience with clients and patients benefit our patients with her kindness and professionalism. She is an important member of our team, as she is not only in charge of customer service, but also works with health plans and sales of the products in our facilities.

Angy Milena Hernández Rivero Angy Milena Hernández Rivero

Angy Milena Hernández Rivero / Esthetician

Born in Colombia, Angy Milena Hernández Rivero graduated from the Health Training School in Colombia and from the Rogers Institute in Puerto Rico. Our Esthetician has a high level of professionalism and the extensive experience in the area of aesthetics and beauty. She developed an excellent relationship with our patients by always giving the best in all aesthetic treatments. She has experience in treatments such as: postoperative lymphatic drainage massages, cavitation, radio frequency body treatments, vacuum therapy, facials, peels, acne treatment with Skinmedica® products and with all the latest in esthetic technology.